Anatolia Cafe and Hookah Lounge began over a decade ago as a family business. Today, it has grown to being a staple of Atlanta's downtown neighborhood and is still proudly owned and operated by the original family.

Anatolia Cafe is a central hub for students at Georgia State, local business folks, and downtown residents alike! We serve a wide variety of delicious Turkish-American fusion cuisine, and a vast array of craft beer and specialty spirits. Established in 2009 in the heart of Atlanta, we have remained locally focused as well as family owned and operated for a decade; and we extend that same level of intimacy to our customers. Employing less than fifty staff members, everyone here is part of a strong team that covers all walks of life.

Our motto is "Be Nice or Leave"​, and while this may seem abrasive it is meant as a welcoming standard of equality and acceptance. We strive to maintain a happy environment for clientele and staff alike, and we discourage any negativity within our walls. Additionally, as many of our staff are students, we encourage them to further their education and value displays of strong leadership and highly motivated, ambitious individuals.

By extending a neighborhood-oriented attitude and a personal touch to each customer, we have grown exponentially and continue to make our mark on the Atlanta community. We are proud to be part of an ever changing and growing city, and look forward to the years to come!

The Family

Our family values are a central point to our business. Since the beginning, we have remained family owned and operated. It's this mutually supportive mentality that has helped us to grow alongside our local community. 

Meet the family:

Rabia Gungoren

Owner / Founder / Mom

Without Rabia, we would be nothing. She is the rock that keeps us anchored. Always happy to talk with customers about their lives, you'll likely find her enjoying a cup of tea or a salad while propagating a happy energy throughout the restaurant. In her free time, she cares for her dogs and hopes to open a shelter one day.

Emir Gungoren

Owner / Grillmaster

Ever since taking a lead role in the kitchen, Emir has introduced countless specialty items, and perfected the entire menu. When he's not cooking up the perfect meal, he's taking care of his two adorable dogs and working on his home garden.

Omer Gungoren

Owner / Detail

Yes, he's old enough to drink, and yes he's the owner. Some may find him intimidating, but Omer's down-to-earth reasoning keeps operations running smoothly at all times. His two pups are just as energetic as he is, and you're likely to find him running around in a park or climbing a rock wall.

Tony Gash

General Manager / Webmaster

He started from the bottom, and now he's here. Tony first joined the team ten years ago as a dishwasher. Now he maintains alcohol inventory, ensures maximum efficiency on the floor, and keeps track of our online presence. When he's not working, he's giving his two cats more attention than they want, playing video games, practicing piano, and brewing beer.